8 ways to super-charge endorphins when you are stuck at home

If, like many citizens of the world, you’re feeling anxious and depressed these days, take a big, deep breath! With so much uncertainty bouncing through the air and fears mounting about an unknown future, it’s natural to feel less than yourself. But, rather than giving in to these negative emotions, it’s important to try all that you can to find hope, energy and happiness. That’s why building endorphins—or better known as ‘feel-good’ hormones—should be part of your new daily routine.

As defined by NASM certified trainer with RSP Nutrition, CJ Hammond, XPS, FMT explains, these chemicals released through the brain are what bring feelings of euphoria, serving as stress and pain-relievers. In addition to some ways you can probably guess—like exercise—there are many ways to super-charge these hormones, right from the comfort of your socially-distant home.

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