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Innovation 360 offers distinctive outpatient treatment services for individuals suffering from alcohol dependence. We make it possible to move forward with daily life activities in a supportive and encouraging environment. Even if it’s your first step toward recovery or immediately following a rehab program, i360 provides comprehensive, one-on-one treatment services at home, college or away. i360’s approach to treatment is unlike any other.

We take treatment outside of the traditional setting to make it personal. Each treatment plan is based on a set of highly customized outpatient services and is tailored to match the unique medical, behavioral, relational and ongoing physical needs of the individual.

Recovery is not just being sober in between relapses.  Many people assume that you can simply stop addition by making one decision.  However, reality is that once someone makes that decision and receives treatment, the journey is just beginning.  Sometimes, we need someone to come along side of us as we walk through life’s ups and downs on this road called recovery.


Addiction is a chronic illness. It can take over your life, cause damage to relationships that matter, and leave you spinning out of control. We know that reaching out is sometimes the most difficult step.

Whether your behavior has been harmful, abusive or has developed into an addiction, we can help you better understand your situation and appropriate treatment options. Addiction treatment works.

Working together to help you make healthy change in the midst of life, it may be in the form of at-home support helping you adjust to life after residential treatment. It may be going with you to support group meetings. It may be attending a yoga class, processing your first experience at a group meeting, encouraging you to create healthy social circles or exploring different options for future education and career choices.

We all do better with someone who can guide, support and encourage us. We help you combine insights with new behaviors so you can develop lasting habits that make life more fulfilling.

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Alcohol FAQs

It depends on the severity of the problem and the openness of the individual. Candidly discuss your concerns with the person, refer to a therapist, refer to support group, or utilize an interventionist.

  • If you are drinking at the risky level or taking prescribed medications, monitor your use
    • How often and how much
    • How does it affect you
    • What are pros and cons
    • Ask for help

Ask a therapist or physician who you know. You can search the web, but ultimately, you need to talk to the place and ask the right questions (typical length of stay, discharge plans/activities, use of medications for psychiatric and addiction…), etc.

Answers to the following questions will help you find the right program:

  • Do they have a physician
  • Do they treat other psychiatric conditions
    • Mood 28-29%
    • Anxiety 23-37%
  • Do they have individual and group
  • Do they encourage support group participation

12 step programs (AA, NA) work. While there has been limited research as to the efficacy of 12 step support programs, we know that people who participate in 12 step groups as part of their overall treatment or as part of their discharge plan tend do have better outcomes than those who don’t.

I360 is not a “12 step” program. i360 brings together the results of the past 2 decades of research into the treatment of addictions, including addiction and psychiatric medications, individual and family counseling, addiction education, support groups, nutritional and physical well being and  a number of other services dependent on client needs.

Talk about risk factors for them (family history, environment, personal)

Increase awareness of consequences with your loved one.

Learn the signs of use/abuse (change in school/work performance, change in relationships, new friends, drug paraphernalia