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Alcohol Abuse

A considerable number of Americans will use substances in a way that is harmful to them.  Alcohol use becomes abusive or harmful when it leads to or increases the likelihood for having alcohol related social, occupational, or health problems. By some estimates, that number is between 50 and 70milion people.  Unfortunately there are limited treatment options for people who struggle at this level.

For many of these individuals, abstinence and 12 step meetings are not appropriate goals.  The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous refers to this group as “hard drinkers” and goes on to state “this man can also stop or moderate, although he may find it difficult and troublesome”.

Our approach to working with you is to identify the circumstances that impact alcohol consumption. We’ll walk through a number of exercises to gather information so we can have a conversation about goals and strategies to address alcohol use in a way that does not negatively impact your life.

Whether your behavior has been harmful, or your abuse has developed into an addiction, we can help you better understand your situation and appropriate treatment options. Treatment works.

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