Meet Kevin Gilliland | Business Owner, Psychologist & Author

In a recent conversation with Kevin Gilliland, we delved into the motivations behind his decision to start his own business in the field of mental health. Kevin’s insights shed light on the critical need for accessible and tailored mental health services in today’s healthcare landscape. Meet Kevin Gilliland | Business Owner, Psychologist & Author

Innovation360® Dallas is an outpatient group of trusted Counselors, Therapists

Innovation360® Dallas is an outpatient group of trusted Counselors, Therapists

Addressing Unmet Needs in Mental Health Care

Kevin’s journey into entrepreneurship stemmed from a desire to address shortcomings in the mental health care system. He saw that traditional options like hospitalization or weekly counseling weren’t always sufficient. Recognizing this gap, Kevin aimed to offer more flexible and personalized services to those in need. Meet Kevin Gilliland | Business Owner, Psychologist & Author

Filling the Void with Innovative Solutions

With a background in healthcare and a deep understanding of the complexities of mental illness, Kevin set out to create a business that would provide comprehensive support to individuals at various stages of their mental health journey. By offering a range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of clients, Kevin’s business fills a crucial void in the mental health care landscape.

A Holistic Approach to Mental Wellness

One hallmark of Kevin’s business is its holistic approach to mental wellness. Instead of a one-size-fits-all model, Kevin and his team take a personalized approach to each client. They consider their unique circumstances, goals, and preferences. This client-centered approach allows individuals to receive the support and resources they need to thrive.


Kevin Gilliland's business providing innovative solutions and personalized approach to mental wellness

Kevin Gilliland’s business offers innovative solutions and a holistic approach to mental wellness.”

Bridging the Gap Between Accessibility and Quality Care

Kevin’s business emphasizes both innovative solutions and accessibility. With flexible scheduling, telehealth options, and sliding-scale fees, Kevin ensures services are accessible to all. This commitment to inclusivity and affordability is central to his mission of bridging the gap in mental health care.

Empowering Individuals to Thrive

At the core of Kevin’s business is a commitment to empowering individuals for healthier, more fulfilling lives. Through evidence-based interventions, compassionate support, and ongoing education, Kevin equips clients with tools to overcome challenges. By fostering resilience and self-efficacy, his business makes a meaningful difference in clients’ lives.


Kevin Gilliland's business emphasizes accessibility, affordability, and empowerment in mental health care.

Kevin Gilliland’s business bridges accessibility and quality care while empowering individuals to thrive


Kevin Gilliland’s transition from clinician to entrepreneur stems from a desire to address unmet needs in mental health care. By prioritizing innovation, accessibility, and holistic wellness in his business, Kevin is revolutionizing mental health services. His dedication bridges gaps in care and empowers individuals to thrive. When asked about starting his own business, Kevin highlighted the limitations of the traditional mental health system. He observed that options were limited to hospitalization or weekly counseling, leaving many in need of more flexible support. Thus, he aimed to fill this gap by providing tailored assistance to individuals who require more than weekly counseling but less than residential programs.

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