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Men’s Recovery Group

Join our Men’s Recovery Group led by Ken Osean – a pillar of support for more than three decades, guiding individuals on their path to recovery and healing.

What is it?

Our Men’s Recovery Group offers a safe environment for individuals tackling various addiction challenges. Led by Ken Osean, this supportive space encourages sharing, insight-building, and guidance for men seeking recovery.

When is it?

Every Tuesday from 5 pm – 7pm

What’s the cost?

Cash payment of $75 per session.

To join or learn more, please reach out at (972)-HELPFUL.

Led by Ken Osean

Ken’s leadership has elevated this group’s popularity, attracting individuals from diverse backgrounds seeking his guidance and expertise. With a dedication to nurturing connection, understanding, and personal growth, Ken cultivates an environment where participants feel validated, supported, and empowered in their recovery journey. Whether facing addiction to substances, behaviors, or other challenges, Ken fosters a safe and confidential space for sharing experiences, gaining insights, and receiving support from peers with similar struggles.

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