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Long Term Care

From a very young age, some individuals have struggled with mental illness in a way that has significantly impacted their social and occupational life.  Many of these individuals require active management of their symptoms through a physician and through supportive counseling and care.  With appropriate ongoing maintenance of care, we can significantly decrease the amount of hospitalizations and emergencies and can give people the best life possible without being institutionalized.

One of the strengths of i360 is being able to collaborate with other professionals as well as deliver therapeutic services outside the office setting.  This is particularly helpful for individuals who have a long history of struggling with serious mental illness.

We are able to provide the support and structure that enables people to pursue meaningful roles in work, school, or a community. We can work with individuals that struggle with thought disorders, severe emotional swings, or struggles with interpersonal connections.  Individuals that are actively psychotic or behaviorally unresponsive to interventions would need to be stabilized prior to working with i360.

If an individual’s symptoms can be managed on an outpatient basis, we can begin to engage and make the necessary improvements in medication, routine and structure and therapeutic interventions to help them regain stability and functioning.

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