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Welcome to News & Notes! This is your go-to resource for staying in touch and up-to-date with Innovation 360, as well as current trends and topics in therapy and counseling. Australian top online casinos check now.

Coronavirus Has Been Devastating to Americans’ Mental Health — Here’s What to Do

With the death toll increasing each day and hundreds of…

How accurate is Mr. Robot? Brains Byte Back podcast

In this episode, we will seek to understand how realistic the…

The Science of Happiness, and How to Actually Get Your Stress Under Control With Dr. Kevin Gilliland

This week, THE Space by Svn Space welcomes Dr. Kevin Gilliland…

In coronavirus pandemic, do your part by staying healthy. Here’s what doctors recommend

(Reuters) - Americans can avoid burdening an already stressed…

Wellness tips from psychologists during lockdown

"I think it's really important that we talk about our feelings…

Having Odd Dreams or Insomnia During the Coronavirus Quarantine? You’re Not Alone, Say Experts

There’s a chocolate Easter bunny chasing you down the street.…

How to Cope with COVID-19 Stress When You Can’t Stay Home

When it comes to coping with coronavirus—and the crippling…

Dr. Kevin Gilliland on kids, stress, and the quarantine

Licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Kevin Gilliland on mental…

Muče vas čudni snovi i nesanica? Evo što bi moglo pomoći

TIJEKOM ovog neočekivanog i neizvjesnog perioda, nije neobično…