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Drug Addiction & Chemical Dependency

For a number of individuals – and for reasons we don’t always fully understand – some individuals develop a psychological obsession with medications and illegal drugs.  For the vast majority of these individuals, the only path back to a meaningful life is to choose to step away from the use of substances.

Once an addiction to a substance develops, individuals will often choose drugs over family members, jobs, health and even their freedom.  It’s this loss of control emotionally and psychologically that is one of the hallmark signs of an addiction.

We have a long history of working with individuals who struggle with prescription medications and drugs at this level.  Our approach is always unique to each individual, but we rely on many of the things we have learned over the decades of treatment and research to help people on this journey.

Please connect with us, if you feel your substance/drug use (or someone you love or care about) is becoming abusive