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Our Approach

When you’re facing life’s toughest challenges, getting access to help should be simple. That’s why Innovation360 Dallas has made the process to starting your journey to recovery as easy as possible.

When you’re ready to explore what resources and support may be available to help you, we’ll follow this simple process to get you started on the right path:

  • Email Curt Hampton, our clinical director, at [email protected], or call 972-435-7385 to set up an assessment.
  • At the assessment, we would ask that you discuss with us what your current life situation is like and how you might like for it to change. If you have close family members, we would ask that they join you, to share their perspective with our family therapist.
  • After the initial meeting, the treatment team will collaborate with you, involved family members and any other mental health professionals involved in your life to create a plan for ongoing care.
  • The Clinical Director, Curt Hampton, will contact you with recommendations for next steps and, upon your agreement to proceed, can typically initiate services rather quickly.

Innovation360 offers a wide array of therapeutic services such as individual, couple, and family counseling. However, for those who are in need of more, Innovation360’s wrap around, therapeutic services will likely be recommended.

An i360 Treatment Plan typically includes:

  • Partnering with a Client Advocate, a master’s level clinician, who stays in weekly contact with you and those involved in your care, collaborating with everyone on how to most appropriately and effectively provide the best care possible.
  • Family information and support offered in the form of weekly updates and counseling.
  • Beginning or continuing work with a therapist, psychiatrist and/or psychologist, as indicated by your treatment plan.
  • Work with a life coach. The length, frequency and nature of time spent with an i360 life coach is individualized to each person’s needs, informed by the treatment goals established in the initial assessment.

Each Innovation360 plan is developed to last for 4 weeks. At the end of each plan, the Advocate will make recommendations for next steps. 

No matter the nature or your challenges, Innovation360 Dallas welcomes the opportunity to help you foster insight into yourself and your world, and then turn those insights into behaviors.

Start your process to recovery now. Email [email protected] or call 972-435-7385 to set up an assessment.

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