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Parenting young adults is one of the last stages where parents play an active role in their growing child’s life.  Young adults are working on independence and standing on their own without having the life experience to inform their decision-making and thoughts.  It is a difficult time for parents as they watch the young adult begin to increase their engagement insocial life, work life and exploring their passion and purpose in life.  When young adults struggle at this age, it can create challenging and difficult time for each parent and for the family.

It is not a parent’s job to prevent their children, regardless of their age, from experiencing pain, disappointment or failure.  These things are an inherent part of life.  Rather, parenting is an effort to train and teach young adults to successfully and appropriately manage pain, disappointment and failure.

In the midst of our work with parents, we often bring the family together to do some work repairing relationships and clarifying expectations and goals.  It’s been our experience that the struggles of one individual in the family often lead to some subtle, at times some not so subtle, ways that the family interacts and responds to situations.

Our goal is to help clarify some situations and provide an opportunity to begin interacting and communicating in new ways that support the change that is beginning to occur.

Please connect with us if you need help working with your teenager or young adult who may be struggling.

Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.
– Leo Tolstoy

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