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Find Help for Family & Friends

It’s difficult to see the people we care about struggle with mental health or addiction. Sometimes they look for help, but don’t know where to find it. Other times they refuse to admit their problem is bigger than they can handle.

That’s why you are so important – and that’s why you’re here. Parents, relatives, employers and friends reach out to us because someone they love or care for is struggling.

Some common struggles we hear include:

  • I’m worried that my college son’s drinking is getting out of control
  • My wife is depressed and struggles to get motivated
  • My adult child has no direction in his life and seems to resist our help
  • My husband thinks I don’t know about how he takes his pain medicine
  • My employee has panic attacks that undermine her role
  • My husband thinks our marriage is over, but I want to make it work

If any of these – or similar questions or concerns – resonate with you, please call us. We’ll visit with you confidentially to understand your concerns and discuss how we can connect your loved one or friend with the help they need.

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