Jackie Moore

Meet Jackie Moore, a dedicated counselor who has been an integral part of the Innovation360 team for over a decade. With a strong academic background, including a B.S. in Family Studies and a minor in Substance Abuse Studies from Texas Tech University, as well as an M.S. in Counseling from the University of North Texas, Jackie brings a wealth of expertise to her practice.

Jackie’s commitment to helping others extends beyond individual therapy sessions. She also leads our Women’s Recovery Group, providing a supportive and empowering space for women to heal and grow together. Jackie’s leadership in this group reflects her passion for community and her belief in the power of connection in the recovery process.

In addition to her work at Innovation360, Jackie dedicates her time to community service, serving on the board of The Elisa Project and supporting organizations like The Grant Halliburton Foundation and C.A.R.E. Her compassionate approach to therapy, coupled with her extensive experience, makes her a trusted ally on the journey to healing.