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Anxiety & Stress

Nothing disrupts our lives more commonly than anxiety.  We call it a lot of different things so it is often easy to miss – stress, worry, feeling overwhelmed, a mind that won’t stop. It usually all falls under the same category of anxiety.

One of the most common troubles that we hear people talk about is having an active mind.  A mind that struggles to quiet itself, a mind that struggles not to think about work, family or social interactions.  For some people, they have wrestled with it all their lives, for others it may be the result of recent life changes or complications to lifestyle.

If you feel that your worry has become obsessive, almost daily, and is very difficult to control, it may be worth talking with somebody.  When we don’t address the constant worry and anxiety that sometimes is part of our lives, we can begin to feel restless, more tired and fatigued than normal, and even begin having difficulties concentrating and paying attention to things that used to be easy.

You may consider getting some help to manage your anxiety if any of the following symptoms are true:

  • Restless and on edge
  • Easily tired and fatigued
  • Difficulty concentrating and paying attention
  • Problems with your sleep
  • Difficulty staying in experiences and enjoying the moment
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