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Marriage & Couples

It’s likely that we will not attempt anything as difficult and as grand as trying to be committed to one individual for the rest of our lives.  We all step into long-term relationships with our own unique history, our own traditions and expectations from the families we grew up in, and our hopes, dreams and fears of what this new relationship will be.  For most people, it’s not who you picked, it’s who you are becoming.

It is possible to find joy, passion and purpose in our marriages and in our relationships.  There will be times that we struggle.  There are certain seasons in our lives that create pressures and demands on marriages that feel overwhelming, whether it is the birth of a new child, a child going off to college, helping aging parents, or the challenges of work and finances. Healthy strong relationships can often bend under the pressure of a difficult season.

If you feel that your marriage has not been what you hoped for or if you feel it is broken beyond repair, we encourage you to call us, talk with us.  We might be able to help you feel different about your situation and see some options in a new light.

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