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Welcome to News & Notes! This is your go-to resource for staying in touch and up-to-date with Innovation 360, as well as current trends and topics in therapy and counseling. Australian top online casinos check now.


Surviving the “relatively” stressful holiday season

You decorated, cleaned, cooked, baked and changed the sheets.…
Last spring I was on my way home from work when my wife called…

4 Things Great Relationship Builders Do

Networking versus relationship building—aren’t they pretty…

How i360 Helped Luke Turn His Life Around

Luke (name has been changed) was a lot like of other teenage…

Breaking News: Women Also Suffer From Alcoholism

I have a love-hate relationship with the 24-hour news cycle.…

5 Virtues My Children Have Taught Me

Raising young children has been the most difficult job I’ve…

5 Things to Never Say to your Struggling Child

It's typical for parents to equip themselves with knowledge on…

No Pressure. No Diamonds.

By Geoff Heppes, Sports Blogger The famous slogan “no pressure,…

"...because I am determined."

We’re only three days in to the Olympics and every morning…