Coronavirus and Anxiety Has a Common Denominator: Shortness of Breath–Here’s How to Know the Difference and Cope with COVID-19 Threats

Coronavirus and its Impact on Our Minds

There’s the fear of getting infected by the coronavirus, or that a loved one could suffer from COVID-19.

Getting isolated from our loved ones and barely seeing our families in fear of spreading an unseen enemy, is enough to cause even the sanest person to feel mentally and emotionally exhausted. Top that the physical exhaustion that medical frontliners had to experience on a day to day basis.

The news about shortages in protective gear, ventilators, and medicines, as well as the deaths caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, is not helping us calm down, either.

The coronavirus pandemic is unforgiving, even to the minds of the people.

According to Forbes, 36% of Americans who answered an American Psychiatric Association poll said that the coronavirus pandemic has “had a serious impact” on their mental health, while another 31% of Americans said they are experiencing less sleep due to coronavirus anxiety, as per a PiplSay poll.

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